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4046 McCollum Sharpsburg (Hwy 154), Ste 108 | Newnan, GA 30265 | 770.755.6620 (P) | 770.755.6621 (F)

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The Law Office of LaZanea M. Holley LLC's attorneys participate in numerous areas of law. Below you will find more information about the variety of practice areas our lawyers engage in.
Criminal charges and arrests can have a significant impact on an individual’s education, schooling, and/or career. Most importantly, a criminal conviction and the consequences thereof can affect one’s family, other loved ones, and future opportunities throughout life. It is important to have aggressive legal representation during all stages of a criminal case that understand the technical and legal intricacies involved in each case. The attorneys at The Law Offices of LaZanea M. Holley, LLC specialize in handling DUI's, speeding tickets, traffic violations and serious misdemeanor and felony cases including arraignments, bond hearings, and all phases of trial.
Accidents are unfortunate and unpredictable. Whether you are a victim of a vehicular, slip and fall, or other type of accident, it is important to be fully compensated for your injuries. Our attorneys are skilled at handling personal injury claims from settlement negotiations with the responsible party through all phases of trial. The Law Offices of LaZanea M. Holley, LLC works with the insurance companies, doctors and chiropractors to aid in our clients receiving all necessary medical treatment and to resolve all aspects of our client’s claims.


Divorces and family law issues can be both complicated and stressful for all parties involved. Despite the emotions involved in divorce proceedings, The Law Offices of LaZanea M. Holley, LLC strives to protect the rights and interests of our clients. The firm handles a wide array of family law matters including uncontested divorces, legitimations, child support and custody, maintenance (alimony), post decree modifications, contempt actions and others. The Law Offices of Lucas & Associates, LLC is dedicated to reaching favorable outcomes in these matters that can have a lasting and profound effect on our clients and their family members.


The Law Offices of LaZanea M. Holley, LLC represents clients in the prosecution and defense of civil cases. Our firm resolves civil disputes with the opposing party through mediation and/or arbitration. Our firm also zealously represents clients through all phases of civil litigation. Legal representation for a pending civil suit can be both timely and expensive. With our client’s interests at heart, our firm seeks to resolve civil disputes in order to avoid unnecessary costs of litigation.

Firm Profile:  
The Law Office of LaZanea M. Holley, LLC offers experienced, efficient and proactive counsel on a wide range of legal and business issues. Our goal is to become our clients’ primary source for legal services and business advice, the lawyers you turn to when you need to “get it done right.”
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The Law Office of LaZanea M. Holley, LLC

4046 McCollum Sharpsburg (Hwy 154)
Suite 108 
Newnan, GA 30265
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Business Approach: 
The Law Office of LaZanea M. Holley provides the quality legal services that our clients require to achieve their goals. Each of us strives to demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism in our relationships with the bench, the bar and in business transactions. Our success is built upon this foundation of integrity, shared values, a commitment to exceeding client expectations, and the use of creative approaches to resolve client matters efficiently. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by our commitment to you "the client".